General Manager

Posted: 10/10/2021

Summary job duties of a General Manager:
GM’s are in charge of every facet of the client experience, as well as the location/store itself!
From the first phone or email inquiry, to actual booking, greeting, the experience itself, and post
experience followup, the GM is responsible for the overall satisfaction of the client from A to Z.
The GM is responsible for the physical location itself, as well as the location's team. This
includes: opening/closing, scheduling the team, administrative functions, networking with other
business professionals, community outreach, safety, prop repairs, light maintenance, and
hosting events. Where the AM helps ensure that shifts are covered if there is ever a call-off, the
GM is the ultimate “buck stops here”, to ensure the store is always open, in prime condition,
and meeting the clients every need.
Job Skills and Requirements:
● Communication:
o The GM must exemplify smooth & professional communication with clients,
listen to their needs, and present mutually beneficial solutions to any concerns.
o Must communicate with employees, suppliers and vendors.
● Computer Skills:
o Will rely on computers to communicate, schedule, budget, pull payroll and more.
● Negotiation Skills:
o The GM will require sales skills to secure large group events, & also to decide
whether a discount or incentive is necessary to appease a client or fill a slow day.
● Organization:
o Document and track important sales data, CMA, employee schedule, payroll, and
calendar to manage events.
● Sales & Marketing:
o The GM will work closely w/ Head of Sales to drive sales for his/her location.
o Regularly attend Networking lunches, Mixers, & Community Events.
o Assist with public relations and Mktg strategies to meet or exceed goals.
● Calm Under Pressure:
o The GM must be able to remain calm during any potential crisis, setting an
example for his/her team, and model professionalism.
o Repair/replace any broken props &/or equipment.
● Other duties as assigned

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