An Accurate Census Makes Good Business Sense

Ensuring an accurate 2020 Census count of everyone living in California is good for business. One way you, dear business owner, can easily engage with the census efforts is by signing up for free to the California Census Business Network.
ReadyNation is leading this statewide census network as the business sector partner for the California Complete Count Census Office. It’s important to note that data collected by the census informs how billions of dollars in federal funding is distributed to support dozens of programs and services, such as schools, roads, workforce development, housing, and health care.
Many Californians are at risk of being undercounted, however. Certain hard-to-reach populations are harder to count than others, such as youth, immigrants, highly mobile residents, and those with limited English proficiency. Children under age 5 are one of the largest of these groups.
You as a business leader, employer, and community member can help ensure that all Californians receive their fair share of federal dollars. ReadyNation and California’s statewide leaders encourage you to be part of business efforts to reach employees, customers, and hard-to-count people.
Click here to find out how you can be part of the effort.