City Completes First EIFD Project at E and 2nd Streets

In 2017, the City of La Verne established the Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) to fund infrastructure projects that will support the expected increase in development due to the extension of Metro’s Light Rail System, now named the “A” Line.  La Verne’s EIFD was one of the first formed in the State, the first to partner with the County of Los Angeles, and the first to secure funding and construct a project in California. The completion of the project at E and 2nd Street in downtown La Verne is a proud accomplishment for City Council and the residents. 

“As part of the larger vision for the Old Town Area, connecting the heart of the city with the future ‘A’ Line Station, will enhance access to and from the area for the La Verne residents, Students and Faculty of the University of La Verne, and patrons of the businesses and restaurants in the City,” said Mayor Tim Hepburn. 

To achieve this linkage, this project at E and 2nd streets widened the previous sidewalk width by 50 percent while retaining the landscaped parkway features enhancing the beauty of the Old Town District. Updates ensure current accessibility standards are met, allowing all users the ability to reach their intended destination comfortably and effectively. The bulb-out curbs installed at the intersection help reduce the crossing length where pedestrians are exposed to traffic lanes and calm vehicle speeds. 

As part of the city’s commitment to sustainability, the intersections and parkways feature a mix of drought-tolerant plants. This continues the practice of conserving water, a valuable and scarce resource in California. The project expanded street level lighting by installing twenty new energy-efficient LED decorative lights, increasing visibility and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The city also integrated storm water quality enhancing design features in the form of decorative tree wells. These special tree wells help capture storm water from the area, filter it, and ultimately ensure the city continues to fulfill its obligation to future generations by protecting the environment.

This project, the first of many EIFD projects, enhances and elevates the connection between Old Town and the Metro Station as a premiere pathway for the community, ULV students and faculty, and local visitors to use and enjoy.

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