Get Your La Verne Small Business Ready for the Holiday Rush!

The holidays are a bustling time for businesses, both big and small. If you're a small business owner, the La Verne Chamber of Commerce thinks it's essential that you have a plan in place to make the most of the holiday season. From beautifying your storefront to ramping up your marketing efforts, there are a number of ways to ensure that your small business is ready for the holiday rush. Keep reading to learn more!

Beautify Your Storefront

One of the first things customers will notice about your small business during the holidays is your storefront. Give your business a little extra holiday cheer by hanging up some festive decorations. This will let customers know that you're open for business and get them excited about shopping with you. Not to mention, a little bit of holiday spirit goes a long way in making customers feel warm and fuzzy towards your business.

Hire Temporary Staff

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, which means that you might need a little help keeping up with customer demand. If possible, hire additional staff to work on a temporary basis during the holidays. This will help you keep things running smoothly and ensure that your customers are taken care of. You can always post job listings on online job boards or local community bulletin boards.

Innovate Your Marketing Strategy

The holidays are an excellent time to get creative with your marketing strategy. In addition to your usual marketing channels, think about ways to reach potential customers through holiday-specific channels. For example, you could create holiday-themed social media posts or run ads on holiday-themed websites (if they're relevant to your business). There's no limit to what you can do—so get creative!

Create a PDF Gift Guide

If you sell products that would make great gifts, create a PDF gift guide that customers can refer to when shopping for presents. Start by writing a guide in Word. The next step is to convert it to a PDF file. Then this guide can be easily emailed or shared online, and it's an excellent way to showcase your products in a festive way. Be sure to include photos, product descriptions, and any relevant purchase information (such as price and where it can be bought).

Make sure you have enough stock  

Nothing puts a damper on the holidays quite like running out of popular items. Avoid this problem by stocking up on inventory before the holiday rush begins. This will prevent disappointed customers and keep things running smoothly at your small business.

Give back to the community  

The holidays are also a great time of year to give back to those in need. See if there are any community charity events that you could participate in or sponsor. Not only is this a great way to give back, but it's also excellent publicity for your small business.

Win over last-minute shoppers  

Even if shoppers don't come into your store with a specific purchase in mind, there's still a chance to win them over. Train your staff on basic sales techniques and make sure they're prepared to answer any questions customers might have about your products or services. With a little charm and persuasion, you might just be able to convert these shoppers into paying customers.


The holidays are an exciting but busy time for businesses—particularly small businesses. By taking the time to prepare in advance, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly at your small business during the hectic holiday season. From hiring additional staff to sprucing up your storefront, there are plenty of ways to get ready for the influx of holiday shoppers!

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