Gold Line Construction Update for Feb. 11, 2021

Kiewit-Parsons (KPJV) crews are now actively working throughout the 9.1-mile Foothill Gold Line light rail project segment from Glendora to Pomona, as well as nearing completion on the majority of the design work. In the field, the first three of 21 at-grade street crossings have been fully reconstructed, and two more are now underway. Crews have completed removal of the overhead communication lines no longer used by the freight system (they were relocated underground during an earlier project contract) and have completed clearing and grubbing vegetation throughout the project corridor. 

In Glendora, between Barranca Ave. and Lone Hill Ave., crews have removed the old freight track, taking advantage of an agreement with Pabst Brewery in Irwindale that allowed for a multi-month track outage; and have started construction on a pedestrian undercrossing (PUC) at the future Glendora Station that will provide access to the station from the surrounding streets and the future parking facility. 

Currently, reconstruction is underway on the Glendora Ave. (Glendora) and Fulton Rd. (La Verne/Pomona) grade crossings. Each requires a long-term full closure of the crossing to vehicles and pedestrians while crews relocate underground utilities, relocate the existing freight track, install two light rail tracks, install a new safety and communication system, rebuild the street and much more. 

Reconstruction of the Gladstone St. (San Dimas), Barranca Ave. (Glendora), and Wheeler Ave. (La Verne) grade crossings were all completed in the last few months, and now each has two new light rail tracks and a relocated freight track (photos of the past and current reconstructions are shown in the photos on the back). One note: Wheeler Ave. currently has a temporary freight track, to allow for freight service operations; it will be replaced with the second light rail track in the future.

In March, the Elwood Ave. (Glendora) and Eucla Ave. (San Dimas) grade crossings are scheduled to start reconstruction; and in April, the Vermont Ave. (Glendora) and A St. (La Verne) crossing reconstructions are scheduled to start. Click here  for more information on these closures, including anticipated start and end dates, detour routes (and much more) are made available on the Foothill Gold Line interactive construction map. 
A tremendous amount of work, time and effort is required to rebuild each grade crossing. We appreciate the patience and understanding of project neighbors and the community at-large who are impacted by the project construction. 

Permanent Closure of Glenwood Ave. Crossing 
Following the recent reopening of Barranca Ave., crews permanently closed the Glenwood Ave. grade crossing in Glendora. Two cul-de-sacs will be built at the north and south property lines of the rail corridor. The permanent closure is required by the California Public Utilities Commission to improve safety. Glenwood Ave. is one of three permanent closures being required by the CPUC for the project. 

Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report Approved 
In June 2020, the Construction Authority initiated the preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) in response to potential Project Modifications to the station-area parking facilities at Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona and Claremont. The Draft SEIR was published in Sept. 2020, and the Final SEIR was published on Jan. 6, 2021. 

The Construction Authority board of directors certified the Final SEIR and approved the project modifications at their Jan. 13, 2021 meeting. The modifications were in response to a request by Metro to reduce the number of parking spaces being built at each station. The modifications include building surface lots at all LA County stations (except Claremont), modified land needs, and a new location for the Pomona Station parking facility. More information about the Final SEIR is available on the Construction Authority’s website. 

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