La Verne Anticipates Santa Claus’ Arrival with Its New Christmas Committee

The La Verne City Council has approved the formation of a Christmas Morning Coordination Committee to help facilitate the city’s annual Christmas morning traditions which began 95 years ago. As the La Verne community has grown, and its love of these time-honored festivities with it, the delivery of candy bags and the parade of Santa Claus has become a large-scale effort involving the coordination of several City departments and community volunteers.
“We feel extraordinarily fortunate that our residents are filled with so much holiday spirit and look forward to Santa Claus visiting their neighborhoods and participating in other holiday-related activities each year as much as we do,” said La Verne Mayor Tim Hepburn. “While it may seem a bit odd to start thinking about Christmas while it is still hitting 100 degrees outside, I am grateful to staff for beginning their planning efforts now and establishing this committee to help ensure these traditions live on for many more years to come.”
To streamline the intense planning efforts, the City Council appointed Mayor Pro Tem Muir Davis and Council Member Robin Carder, plus staff from various departments to serve on the Christmas Committee. Every year, the city coordinates the purchasing and packaging of hand-delivered candy bags, including candy, nuts and fruit, as well as the organization and smooth operation of Santa Claus’ morning drive through various La Verne neighborhoods. The newly formed Christmas Committee will partner closely with the Community Services Department, which manages the budget of the city’s holiday activities.
“Santa Claus has carved out a special time in his schedule on Christmas morning for many years to visit La Verne’s youth and I am excited to have been appointed to the Christmas Committee to help preserve this uniquely La Verne tradition,” said La Verne Council Member Carder. “Christmas morning in La Verne would not be complete without the smiles on the faces of the families who receive a personal delivery of candy bags and greetings from Santa Claus as the La Verne Fire and Police Departments accompany him on his journey throughout the city.”
The Christmas Committee will have its first meeting at the end of September in anticipation of Santa Claus’ arrival.

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