La Verne-Based Pro Audio Video, Inc. Provides Virtual Event Platform

If you think that the benefits and synergy of in-person conferences with keynote speakers and breakout sessions are a thing of the past – think again. La Verne-based Pro Audio Video, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in special events and can create in-person, virtual, or hybrid events for professional and personal needs.
Attendees can participate virtually in real-time chats, polling, and question-and-answer sessions, and real-time data is available to the host. Pro Audio Video, inc. specializes in board meetings, conference presentations, education, city council meetings, private entities (churches, gyms, event venues, etc.), public and private broadcasts, awards ceremonies, and more.
They connect to all major streaming platforms, including Zoom, Go To Meeting, Livestream, and WebEx, and come equipped with full high-definition video and audio, graphic and content management, and viewer analytics.
They provide customized indoor and outdoor event services, including audio, video and lighting. Their skilled logistical experts will travel to any venue nationwide or worldwide to support your event or show. Full time, in-house professional staff are available around the clock and have dedicated, on-site equipment at each property. Pro Audio Video, Inc. also provides equipment rental and purchase options.

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