La Verne Chamber of Commerce Position on Local Tax Measure

As an organization dedicated to promoting a thriving business community in La Verne, the chamber has historically questioned any proposed additional tax measures.  The Chamber’s fiscal philosophy aligns with that of its business owner members.  But after careful consideration, in an effort to implement and ensure local fiscal autonomy and control the Chamber has decided to support the City of La Verne’s proposed local tax measure.  
The local funding measure will ensure that La Verne sales tax dollars remain in La Verne for use to fund important public safety and other essential quality of life services, keeping our city streets, parks and other public areas safe and clean.  These needs directly affect La Verne’s status as an attractive place to visit shop and live.  No funds would be taken by the State, the County or other agencies.  This tax will be paid by anyone who purchases goods in La Verne, regardless of their residence. Food, medicine and other essential purchases are exempt from sales tax.
The measure will also include mandatory fiscal accountability. The City is requiring a clear system of accountability, including an independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee and annual independent audits to ensure funds are spent on public safety and essential services.
There is a high likelihood that La Verne residents will end up paying the higher sales tax even if the local measure does not pass because outside agencies are actively considering putting a tax measure on the ballot.  Passage of this measure will ensure autonomy and control in that our hard earned tax dollars will stay under our local control in La Verne.