La Verne Historical Society Continues the Legacy

Like so many nonprofits large and small, the La Verne Historical Society is working hard to stay afloat during the COVID crisis. 
“Membership decreased dramatically in 2020,” says LVHS President Sherry Best. “This is understandable, considering the loss of so much LVHS-sponsored programming and distractions brought about by profound changes in how we work, live, and care for our children. It appears that COVID-19 will continue to impact 2021, and no one knows for sure when and how life as we knew it will return to something approaching ‘normal.’
“I want so much to see everyone in person at our meetings, schedule visits to local attractions with historical significance, help organize home, walking, and bus tours, and celebrate La Verne and its residents through the bronze marker program,” she adds. “This is all in our future, but for now, we’re connecting with extra editions of our newsletter, online presentations, and frequent email communications.”
For more information on the society (including lots of historical photos), visit its
website. Click here to become a member or to renew – a steal at only $20 per year! And be sure to visit the Gallery at Hillcrest for a virtual tour for an uplifting lesson about “Lives of Service.” The exhibit will be up until Sunday Jan. 31.


Another way to support LVHS is to purchase its swag, including an impressive coffee table book from Arcadia Publishing written Bill Lemon, La Verne's City Historian, and Sherry Best. Sales proceeds go toward restoration projects that enhance the city and support community pride and engagement.   
Additionally, t-shirts with the LVHS logo, a 1938 International truck that belonged to a former LVHS President are available for $20 each. The shirts come in sizes S-4XL and in white or black backgrounds.

Founded in 1969, its mission is to encourage and promote the history and culture of La Verne and surrounding environs; to collect, classify, and disseminate historical information, data, and facts; and to locate, mark, and preserve historical places and structures worthy of recognition and perpetuation.
Since 1984, a group of dedicated volunteers produced a newsletter for the LVHS, carried out a program to mark historical residences with bronze plaques, and assisted La Verne’s elementary teachers in a “Hands-On History” program. 
The group recently expanded activities, collaborated with the San Dimas Historical Society, gained visibility through active “Get on the Bus” and home tours, and participated in the La Verne Fourth of July parade.

The Society’s new motto is “Preserving Old La Verne’s Environment: Making History for the Future.” Started as an organization to preserve fast-vanishing aspects of La Verne’s ‘orange grove’ days, the La Verne Historical Society continues to build our community through educational programs, tours, and lectures.