Temporary Relaxation of Regulations Pertaining to Outdoor Dining

As the County’s Safer at Home order has been modified to allow restaurants to begin dine-in service the City of La Verne is temporarily loosening restrictions on outdoor dining to allow restaurants to accommodate for the loss of occupancy that will be required in this phase of the order.
As a result to a 5-0 vote, City Staff will establish a process to accommodate outdoor dining in the following ways and allow these conditions to remain in place until November 30, 2020 or when occupancy is permitted at 100%:
1. Allow restaurants to request an increase in the allowable public and private space available for outdoor dining: relax outdoor dining regulations, development standards and conditions of approval, and to establish regulations which allow outdoor consumption of alcohol at restaurants where indoor consumption of alcohol was already allowed; and
2. Waive fees associated to these requests
3. Allow for parking requirements to be reduced for increased outdoor dining space with a property owner’s permission; and
4. Grant staff the authority to make administrative adjustments as needed to previously approved Use Permits and other entitlement mechanisms.
The council also discussed the possibility of closing D Street in Old Town La Verne to vehicle traffic during designated times.