Progress is Taking Place Along All 9.1 Miles of the Glendora to Pomona Project Segment

Travel anywhere along the Glendora to Pomona Project Segment corridor and it is clear that significant progress is being made on this important regional infrastructure project. As of this month, five at-grade crossings are undergoing reconstruction (five more have already been completed), five bridge structures are underway, and crews are actively installing a new and relocated freight track through more than half of the project. 

Additionally, the pedestrian undercrossing at the future Glendora Station is truly taking shape, with newly unveiled custom design wall panels of citrus peel patterns now visible along the ramp walls. The community is invited to attend a virtual community meeting on May 19 to learn the latest and ask questions about the project and construction. More details on all of this below: 

Grade Crossing Updates: In early April crews began reconstructing the grade crossings at Vermont Ave. in Glendora and E St. in La Verne. Both crossings are located just west of their respective future Gold Line stations, and, together with the other three crossings currently underway, brings the total number of active grade crossing reconstructions to five. The other three currently taking place are: Elwood Ave. in Glendora, Eucla Ave. in San Dimas and Fulton Rd. in La Verne/Pomona. 

As part of the Vermont Ave. grade crossing reconstruction, West Ada Ave. is now permanently closed and will be turned into a cul-de-sac at Vermont Ave. This permanent closure is required by the California Public Utilities Commission for safety. 

At all five crossings, crews first complete underground utility work, including relocating and protecting water, sewer, communications, power and gas lines, before work begins above ground to install the track and safety systems, as well as rebuild the streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters. Crews are nearing completion on underground work at the Fulton Rd. crossing in Pomona/La Verne and are installing a temporary freight track; and at Eucla Ave in San Dimas, crews are installing new underground conduit to house communication lines for the light rail and freight systems. 

The Fulton Rd. (Pomona/La Verne) and Elwood Ave. (Glendora) crossings are anticipated to reopen to the public in the coming weeks. Once Elwood Ave. opens, Loraine Ave. and Pasadena Ave. (both in Glendora) are scheduled to begin reconstruction. NOTE: Fulton Rd. will have to undergo a second shorter closure in the future for crews to install the remaining elements of the light rail system and relocate the freight track onto the currently under-construction Thompson Creek bridge. 

Bridge Work Updates: Significant progress has been made constructing the new light rail and freight bridge structures over San Dimas Wash in Glendora. In late March, crews successfully demolished the freight bridge that has been in use for more than 100 years and began work on abutments (which are the supports on both sides of the structure) for a new freight bridge. This week, with work completed on the abutments, crews began installing steel girders, each weighing in at 150,000 pounds and spanning more than 87 feet in length. The girders will carry the freight tracks over San Dimas Wash. Work is also now underway on the abutments for the new light rail bridge that will be located just east of the freight bridge at this location. 

Elsewhere along the corridor, work is underway on the foundations for new bridge structures over Big Dalton Wash in Glendora, Puddingstone Channel and Live Oak Wash in La Verne, and Thompson Creek in Pomona. Two bridge structures will be built at each site - one for light rail, and one for freight - with the exception of Thompson Creek, which will only have a bridge structure for freight. 

In total, crews will build or renovate 19 bridge structures for the light rail and freight systems from Glendora to Pomona. While many of the bridges will cross water channels, four new light rail bridges will be built over major streets: Foothill/Grand, Route 66 and Lone Hill Ave. in Glendora; and Bonita/Cataract in San Dimas. Work will be underway at these locations for the next few years, so expect lane closures and delays. Construction notices are available on the Authority’s website. 

Glendora Station Update: At the site of the future Glendora station, crews continue to make significant progress constructing the pedestrian undercrossing that will provide riders safe access to the future station platform from surrounding streets and the future station parking facility without having to cross tracks. Recently, crews unveiled portions of the ramp walls with the completed custom form panels that feature a citrus peel design. Riders will see the design as they utilize the ramp to access the station. 

Freight Track Relocation: Over the last few months, KPJV has been able to accelerate relocation of the freight track within the city of Glendora as a result of an agreement to suspend freight service temporarily in this area. Because of that agreement, work is well underway to relocate approximately five miles of freight track between Barranca Ave. and Gladstone St., ahead of freight service resuming in this area in June. In all, KPJV plans to relocate the entire freight system in three shifts. The first one will take place once this section is complete, the second track shift will take place in the Fall and include the area between Gladstone St. and San Dimas Ave; and the last shift will take place in the Winter and include the area between San Dimas Ave. and Fulton Rd. Once the second freight track shift is complete, light rail installation will begin in earnest. 

With major construction in full swing on the Foothill Gold Line from Glendora to Pomona, the Construction Authority is hosting a Virtual Community Meeting on May 19, 2021, to provide an update on the project and to answer questions. The meeting will focus on the Glendora to Pomona segment, but the community from throughout the Glendora to Montclair project area is invited and welcome to attend. 

More information about the community meeting will be provided in the coming weeks, and will be available on the Construction Authority’s website, so stay tuned. 

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