Remember to Get Your Mandatory 2020 Employment Laws Poster

It may not have happened to you, but it might: A rep from the Department of Labor randomly checks up on your business, or an unhappy former employee tattles on you. Either way, you could be on the hook for a $7,000 fine if you don’t have the mandatory 2020 labor laws poster in a location that your workers – even if you have just one employee! – can easily access.
Fortunately, the poster is inexpensive and easy to find. You can order an all-in-one poster (listing both state and federal laws – the most cost effective way to go), laminated or plain, from CalChamber, or office supply stores such as Staples in La Verne. If you have a payroll service, check there first – you may be able to get it from them for free.
A warning, though: If someone claims to be from the Department of Labor and offers to sell you the posters, don’t buy them. It’s a high-priced scam.