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The idea for DeltaBind originated in 2001 when a group of friends, moonlighting as technical specialists and designers, realized there was no single solution to consolidate the complicated services requested by their clients. They would often have to juggle many vendor invoices for clients and ultimately provide guidance amid the myriad of services needed for their projects.

As they moved away from moonlighting and into being self-employed consultants, the problems became more apparent as the market became saturated with emerging software and hardware solutions for almost every type of business.

During project meetings, the trend become obvious – clients would place question marks over products and services until they found an honest service with a fair price. This often delayed projects and ultimately cost the client more. As the consultants became more trusted by the business leaders they were asked to recommend other products and services.

As DeltaBind started to become more integral to client projects, it became clear that trusted providers who offer robust services at a fair price but will be asked to recommend other services. Perhaps those clients would even purchase more services in the future and heartily recommend them to others, if they maintained that trust.

Our mission champion’s that idea to this day – provide integrated solutions for customers with low margins to promote a single source of technical insight.

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Bryce Turkel
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