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Luna Healing Wellness Studio helps their clients in their journey to healing and create worthy lifestyle changes. The blockages you are experiencing in your life there is a root cause. It results from buried unconscious internal wounds from your past, childhood trauma, family issues from your Mother, Father, Grandparents, siblings, past relationships, and even your Ancestors, and it is not about blaming them or becoming victims, but understanding what has been deep-rooted in your unconscious that is causing problems in your life. Luna is a place to begin the journey of nurturing your life from the inside out. Space for you to go within, to heal, to remove blockages that are holding you back from being abundant in all areas of your life, take back your truth and empower yourself.
Luna Healing Wellness Studio helps restore your sense of well-being by improving emotional-mental and physical conditions. We work with you to expand the understanding of self and the world around you. We want to provide you with a toolbox, so after our session, you can use the teachings and adapt them to your new lifestyle. This way you are growing and adding richness, happiness, and abundance to your life.
We offer a variety of services such as Yoga | Meditation | Sound Bath Healing | Reiki & Crystal Healing | Chakra Balance Therapy | Intuitive Energy Readings | Biofield Tuning Fork Therapy | Health & Wellness Coaching | Workshops & More, services that give you a personalized method focused on what’s most important to your healing journey.
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